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To Anzio (local trains from Rome Termini station) - To Formia (the Rome-Naples Intercity train stops there) - To Monte San Biagio and then by bus to Terracina harbour (bisogna prendere un autobus di linea per arrivare al porto di Terracina)


  1. Anzio:

    Vetor Tel. 06 9845083 /0771 80549 (aliscafi) Laziomar prenotazioni 0771.700604
  2. S. Felice Circeo:

    Linea Pontina Navigazione : 0773 544157( motonave).
  3. Terracina:

    Laziomar prenotazioni 0771.831630 - informazioni 0771.700710 (Traghetto), Libera navigazione del golfo 3483706673 (aliscafo).
  4. Formia:

    Laziomar prenotazioni 0771.700604
il cigno

After disembarking at Ponza harbour, if you are travelling by car exit the town of Ponza and head for the hamlet of Le Forna (there are only two roads you can take and they join up before Le Forna). When you get there ask how to get to Ristorante Angelino and once there call 0771 808391 and we'll come and get you (it's a dirt track and there's no parking space at the end). There is only one bus line and you can ask the driver to tell you where to get off for Ristorante Angelino – they are helpful and will be happy to do so. Once there call us and we'll come and fetch you. Taxis will take you to the door. To reach Il Cigno from the bus stop you'll have to climb up 40 steps along a path behind Angelino's and then continue along a country lane for about 50 metres. We'll give you any other information you might need for your stay once you get to Il Cigno.

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