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Il Cigno Ponza Bed and Breakfast

If your idea of a great holiday is living in the centre of Ponza then B&B Il Cigno is not the place for you. But if you're looking for nature, peace and the sea then our B&B is perfect. We're on a little hill overlooking the sea and Cala Fonte cove. It's right in the countryside with wide, fully-equipped outdoor spaces and no exposure to artificial sound or light pollution. Ideal for groups, families and couples looking for relaxation.
The excellent contacts we have with various services such as boat hire, restaurants, car hire, moped hire and boat excursions guarantee you priority service at the right price.
Breakfast is served on the wide terrace above the sea and we've realized it's a spot people are reluctant to leave. Breakfast is also the time when we can give you tips on the best things to do in this fantastic archipelago, depending of course on the weather and the time you want to spend.
All rooms have bathrooms and almost all come with outside patios in addition to the large communal spaces overlooking the sea. For guests wanting to organize al fresco dinners there's a communal kitchen with a barbecue. There is also good-quality food available from take-aways, who can also deliver to your door.
We wish you great and relaxing holidays in Ponza, wherever you may go.

Luigi Onorati

Where we are

On a hill above Cala Fonte cove on the northern side of the Island of Ponza. The building is surrounded by greenery, is set in extensive grounds and has a spectacular view over the sea.

Tips for visits and excursions

Excursionists from b&b Il Cigno have the choice of going up into the hills and enjoying breathtaking views or going out to sea.

Going inland, which is the best bet on cooler days, itineraries include a scenic hike along the Piana d'Incenso (Plain of Incense), a plateau to the extreme north of the island with unspoilt beauty spots and stunning views. It leads out into the straits between Ponza and Gavi and the wonderful little beach at Cala Felice cove which has rocks streaked with sulphur that is used for regenerating facial masks. Just a few minutes' walk from the b&b is the top of Montagnone overlooking the west, with a commanding view of all the three islands in the> Handily-located Cala Fonte cove (right below Il Cigno) or the enchanting Cala Gaetano, with its heady Mediterranean scents (a few minutes' walk down a steep staircase) all provide the usual beach and marine services (you can hire boats or you arrange to be ferried to beaches that are accessible only by sea, or to places where you can swim in amazingly clear waters). Snorkelling expeditions can be organized ( Il Cigno has a few pairs of fins available for guests, as well as masks and small rubber dinghies where you can put your clothes, your beach towels and your provisions. With no fear of being driven back by hunger or cold you can enjoy an excursion that will help make your holidays on Ponza unforgettable.

Swimming north towards Gavi from Cala Gaetano you'll find very clear waters teeming with fish and see places where no one else ever stops, even at the height of the high season. If you continue, rounding the straits between the islands of Ponza and Gavi, you come to Cala Felice and once there you can press on and land at Cala Fonte, practically below Il Cigno. It is not very far so that in the course of the day you can stop as often as you like to rest and relax while also enjoying hours of full immersion in the universe of the sea and contact with a totally unspoilt environment. South towards Ponza harbour you will find two lovely beaches known as Scoglio Rosso (Red Rock) and l'Arco Naturale (The Natural Archway), reachable only by boat or by dinghy-assisted snorkelling. At Cala Fonte, below Il Cigno, you can hire boats or arrange to be taken to isolated beaches or, weather permitting, board bigger boats for a trip around the islands of Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone. Looking out to the West, the North and North-Northeast from Il Cigno's grounds there are unforgettable sunsets to be seen as the seagulls play with the westerly evening breeze and as Peregrine Falcons (which have their nests in the cliff west of the b&b hang in the air waiting to swoop on their prey.
The restaurants in the neighbourhood offer good quality food at reasonable prices and there are also various stores, food shops, cafes and fruit stalls close by. The bus stop is only a few minutes away and buses run late into the night.

Hotel facilities

  • General
    Outdoor you may find two comfortable showers, two outdoor sinks, two barberque and an equipped kitchen available to guests.
  • Parking
    Next to the bus stop " cala fonte" which is 40 steps and 50 meters to il cigno, there is a large and free parking.
  • Internet
    wi-fi is available in the common outdoor space, and in some rooms.
  • Activity
    Il cigno offers many tools to join the sea as snorkeling equipment, journey excursion around the island and guidelines to book individual boats or guided tours.